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New School Oak Tree Planted

17 February 2020 (by admin)

A new school oak has been planted in the Parents' Waiting area at the front of school. We hope you like our new tree.

This new oak replaces the old school oak which died two years ago in the very hot Summer of 2018. Many parents, staff and governors have fond memories of the old tree which grew in the school car park. Originally, this area of the school was a playground and the tree would have provided welcome shade on hot Summer days. The new tree is not the same species as the original tree so should not out grow its welcome! The ribbon cutting ceremony was enjoyed by children of the school. Members of Year 6 from our Ethos and Eco Councils volunteered to cut the ribbon to officially 'welcome' our new tree. I hope that in the future our current children will return as parents with their own children. They will no doubt recount the day they welcomed the new school oak. By then it will I'm sure be a little taller!

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