St. Mary’s school has always enjoyed very strong links with the parish church, St Mary Magdalene. The Headteacher and Vicar meet regularly to discuss school and church life to ensure the strong relationship is maintained.

School and church links

  • Worship time - each week the children’s pastor from church comes into the school to lead the children in worship time, themes are agreed in advance with the headteacher and are reflected in the classroom teaching each term.
  • Prayer space – the church set up a weekly prayer space during lunchtime for children to create, draw and write prayers.
  • Workshops and themed lessons - throughout the year the church deliver one-off workshops or lessons that fit with the school curriculum.
  • Visiting church - we regularly take groups of children to the church to learn more about religious artefacts and symbols, vestments and the history of the building, such as its stained glass.
  • School Services – the children attend school services in church for Christmas and Easter, and at the end of the academic year.
  • Day School Sunday - Each year all children are expected to attend this special Sunday morning service which is led by the staff and pupils from the school.  This is a tradition which dates back to the founding of the school, where the pupils of the Day School (as opposed to the Sunday School) would lead the church service.

St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s church is a large Anglican church, which has a thriving children and youth ministry.  The church employs a children’s pastor and a youth pastor, and often have interns working alongside them for the academic year.

The family service at St Mary’s takes place on Sunday’s at 9.30am.  During the service there are age appropriate groups for children to discover and learn about God in a fun and relaxed environment.  Big Breakfast services are held on the 5th Sunday of the month at 9.30am for all ages to enjoy a variety of crafts and activities together, alongside a Christian message and worship.  Breakfast is served as part of the service.

During the holidays, ‘Messy Movies’ are put on for all ages and special services for families take place at Easter and Christmas.

To find out more about St Mary’s Church go to their website